Welcome to Rugbycology.

We offer schools and club teams a detailed 4-game diagnostics report to help coaches better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their teams. We also compare your performance to winning benchmarks from teams around the world.

Data analytics in a language you can understand.

Our process is straightforward: Send us 4 of your games per video and we will run a data analytics diagnosis on your team. Each game will receive it's own report and performance ranking.

Once all 4 games are completed, we issue a season report where we compare your performance to winning benchmarks around the world so you can compare apples with apples.

Get the basics right, then get the balance right.

Our system filters the game down to the two most basics and important questions you need to ask about performance:

1) Are we moving forward and converting opportunities to points?

2) Are we denying our opponent the ability to do the same?

From each field zone and from each attack or defensive platform, we help you answer those basic questions about your team.

"Rugbycology helped me to see my coaching in a totally unique and refreshing way. We are now able to base our game plan entirely around facts and not what we 'think' is right."


A new way of reading the game.

Rugbycology measures every attack and defensive 'play' or 'possession' as if its a small battle withing a bigger war. This allows the system to judge performance on a more detailed scale.

For example, most analysis would say you have a 'strong' scrum if you secure 90% or more of your own scrum feeds. We not only study the scrum itself, but also how well you attack from the possession you win. Therefore the performance of your forward pack and your backline must both be 'good' before you can say you have a strong scrum!

"As a coach I often question myself. Especially when you have a bad season, you tend to lose perspective. Rugbycology helped me get a lot of clarity around things that work and things that dont."



4 Game diagnostic US$385

Season Diagnostic (10 games) US$800

To get more information or to book your assessment, email bren@rugbycology.com

Rugbycology has measured over 1000 schools and club rugby games at all levels. We supply data analytics to 7 elite and 3 international sides.