Measure, improve and dominate.

Rugbycology is a consultancy that researches the game of rugby union at all levels. Our clients rely on us to find innovative ways to make their schools, clubs and professional teams more successful.

We have studied community rugby for over 8 years in multiple countries, and own an unrivaled data set on the conditions required to win rugby matches consistently. From skills development to game strategy, we can help you unearth the unique formula to sustained success at your school or club.

We measure things.

To achieve better outcomes, you have to ensure that your players know the laws of the game and have the skillset to execute on game-day. Your training and match strategy has to be informed by the measured strengths and weaknesses of your players and your opponents.

In a 2017 study we asked schools and club coaches on a Monday to recollect certain aspects of the games they played on the weekend. Coaches could accurately recall only 17% of their games, yet were about to 'fix' the wrongs from the game during training that week.

Rugbycology's teams score more points and concede less by following simple truths about the game at their level. They achieve this not by working harder, but by working smarter and applying science. That's the difference.

"Rugbycology helped us win the league and continues to inspire and inform how I prepare my teams."


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If you are the director of rugby at your school or club, contact us today to learn how you can improve your results using rugbycology:

  • Track player development

  • Track referee interpretations

  • Better manage injuries

  • Use real-time game analytics

  • Track league trends of winning teams

"I cannot stress enough the difference rugbycology has made to our rugby program. It makes you change focus and spend time only on what is important, Our #1 ranking this year is testament to its success."