The world's first database for community rugby performance.

Shared science.

Rugbycology is a worldwide database where coaches at school's and club level can benchmark their performance to age-grade averages. We train school learners and club volunteers to capture data on our software, which is then processed and results made available to all our members.

Match Reports.

Our coaches receive comprehensive game reports to help them better design training and match strategies. All key performance area's contain worldwide averages per age-group, which allow our members to set measured goals and inspire their player's to more than just winning or losing games.

Live stats to your phone.

Our new Google-based platform allows coaches to see live statistics during games to help them develop game strategy with the facts at hand.

Season analysis.

With each game measured, our coaches can spot trends in their team's play and make adjustments based on facts. Coaches who inherit certain teams now also inherit an entire data-set about a team's strengths and weaknesses.

125 teams signed up from 08 countries: 23 June 2019

"Rugbycology is changing the game. These benchmarks give participating team's a great advantage because it's knowledge we did not previously have. Setting goals become so much easier and the whole process becomes more professional."



  • 2 students are trained per team to capture and generate statistics
  • Access to a laptop with a data connection
  • A minimum of 10 games per team has to be submitted
  • Once 3 games are measured your averages become part of world average
  • All A team's can be measured (no maximum limit)

Data privacy

  • School's cannot see each other's data. Only 'world averages' are shared.
  • Schools who make the Top 10 for a particular metric can choose to have their achievement published.
  • All data is shared voluntarily. Rugbycology does not have access to individual reports, but can request data from schools should we sense foul play.
  • School games can be assessed by independent rugbycologists at the request of the school should they feel that their data is not accurate.

Costs and procedures:

It costs US$59 per team to participate in world benchmarks. This includes training, live reports, match reports, season reports and world benchmarks.

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