You can be your rugby team's own data analyst!

Start today with our online training program, and use our awesome Google-based measuring tool start analyzing your team today!

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Q : Do I need to know the game very well?

A: No. All you need is to like the game. Your training does the rest.

Q: Do I need a video camera?

A: No. You capture data either with a

pen and paper or with a laptop - live,

while the game is in play.

Q: How many teams and games can I measure?

A: You can measure as many teams and games as you like.

Q: How long do I need to train for?

A: Most clients do one training session and then start measuring games right away!

"Rugbycology is so easy to use! I score

the under 14A team for my school and love giving the guys the stats each week!"


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