Rugby analytics simplified with Google

Are you moving up-field, retaining ball and scoring points?

At the end of the day, those are the only factors about your team's performance you should be able to measure and analyse. Rugbycology removes all the noise around analysis to provide coaches and players the metrics that matter.

So easy, anyone can use it.

Rugbycology is designed so that anyone with a basic knowledge of the game can to use it. Created on Google sheets, this analytics engine works on any computer. It is the perfect team-analysis tool for clubs and school teams.

Only US$129

Once off, per school/club

"It is a totally different and far better approach for our teams. Rugbycology has helped our coaches get more creative by helping us focus only on the stuff that matter."


Did you know that Rugbycology provides the entire state of Indiana with analytics tools for all schools and junior club teams? We sell analytics tools in 28 countries and to over 400 teams!