Before any player can develop skills, he or she first needs to learn the correct technique.

So let's get back to basics.

The rugbycology program let's you benchmark your player's technique level based on worldwide best practice.

This aligns all the coaches in your school & club to a single standard of what is 

required from each player.

Each player is filmed performing

10 key skills. You then score each

performance on Rugbycology.

Now you can generate for each player a dedicated report to show what he or

she needs to work on to improve.

All coaches and all players work off the same development pathway.

This also helps parents understand what

is required and equips them to assist their children in the correct way.

Skills training sessions are now planned based on the measured weaknesses of a squad.

"We started testing last year, and scored on average 9 more points this year per game. I don't think it's a coincidence."


US$ 280 once-off


Includes training & support

Unlimited amount of teams and players.

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